D-Line Cable Wraps

D-Line cable tidy tube is the perfect way to hide cables and wires that drop for example behind tv's or computer desks. The tube is 1.1m long (3 feet 7 inches) so can easily cover the drop from popular desk heights down to floors. The cable tidy tube can be shortened with scissors. Being made from ultra flexible ldpe material, the pre-split tubing is available in either 32mm or 25mm outer diameters to simply accommodate clusters of cables - cables can be easily inserted by hand using the split seam.

Compared to traditional spiral wrap alternatives there is no need for application tools to insert the cables, and similarly to remove cables no tool is required. Ultra-flexible split tube to hide a cluster of cables... Can accommodate upto 5 x 8mm diameter cables. Very easy to use by requiring no application tools. Simple to add or remove cables. Practical 1.1m (3'7") length x 32mm outer diameter (27mm inner) for extra capacity. White. Ideal for tidying cables dropping behind desks and tv's. Made in uk.

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